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1st-Apr-2006 08:38 pm - Too soon gone....
A bit of shop hopping...I bought a flamingo flag....quite nice almost art deco in style for our home....and a neat TI insulated glass for work.

Ended up eating wings for dinner at Scully's and playing games. I miss having a bar like that where Rock can come in with us. It got very busy while the game was on. (Last I check George Mason was down by 12...it's not looking good for the underdogs.)

I just freaking hate to leave. We have to work on an escape plan....more later.....
1st-Apr-2006 01:56 pm - Stormy Saturday Morning
Wake up to light rain and a heck of a wind. Makes for nice ocean sounds....I really need to figure out a way to record them, as the CDs just don't cut it.

By 9:30 am the rain had stopped and sun came out, but the wind certainly didn't let up. The birds are spending lots of time gliding and standing still in the air.

Everyone, except maybe the dog, is trying very hard not to mourn the end of our vacation. It's hard. I do think this week has been good for some deep soul searching on Ron and My's part. We are too young (though not really) to give up our dreams and continue the way things are.

I figure we need a some major reorganization to our life and finances to pull it off. It will take at least two years to plan.....not even sure where to begin.....it's going to take more thinking once we cross the swing bridge to the mainland tomorrow.

We just got back from a walk.....doggie has a wind and sandblasted face....he had fun chasing the wind...but is sleeping heavily right now. Saw someone parasail/surfing. Looks like fun....but not sure that I'd ever do it. I'd end up in the gulf stream knowing me.

Talking with Ron last night I found out he has never read Hemingway's Old Man and the Sea. (Got on the topic because one of his fishing magazines had and article about the Complete Angler burning down recently. JB was mentioned in it as well.) Anyway...I have to find a nice copy of the book for him.

Will head down to the pier around low tide......
31st-Mar-2006 03:18 pm - Side Bar Question:
I wonder why I gave up writing. I was finally getting good at it. Writing is a skill, just like many others. A person may be born with a bit of natural talent, but like any skill, it also takes practice and it’s very easy to become rusty after any length of time off.

I was to the point that I could turn a phrase, stay on topic, expand a point….in other words, I had the basics down. Then I just stopped. I know some of that had to do with the stress of going back to work and the soul tiring drudgery that is found in a cubicle hell, but that can't be the full story. That's too easy. (But was it that Bubba said: Answers are the easy part, The Questions raise the doubts.)

I’ll never be a great novelist. I don’t understand (and sometimes even like) people well enough to develop sympathetic characters and explain their motivations. That is the certain talent that one is born with. But I had (have?) the skill, though currently rusty with disuse, to sway with words in the form of short stories, essays and glimpses into singular facets of humanity. Why did I stop?
31st-Mar-2006 01:16 pm - Seven Dolphin Run Continued
More Dolphins today…looks like two of them and they didn’t stick around as long as the other ones. My big choice of today is if I go into town and find another book to read (I’ve already gone through three murder mysteries)…or if I don’t move from the deck. Such choices…not sure how I will ever live through it. ***big smile***
31st-Mar-2006 12:11 pm - Dogs at the Beach
Zabs has been quite the dog about the beach this week. He’s been very well behaved, social with the other a dogs, from large German Shepherd Dogs to some of the tiniest Yorkies I’ve ever seen. He’s never been dog that listens all that well (sort of like Rocky) but being kept on a long line, he’s actually come when called, stayed on the deck and all in all, not been too big of a butt head. I still wouldn’t trust him off the line though.

What I find funny is that everyone has commented on how white his fur is….when to hear Ron complain about him, he’s one step up from bilge water gray. Ron normally walks away muttering when someone mentions anything.

Of course while I am writing this, Zabs goes from sleeping peacefully in the shade on the deck to taking off like a bat of hell at a golden retriever that dared walk in frount of his steps. I caught the end of the leash before he made it down the steps and the Goldie didn’t even notice…but there goes his good conduct medal.
30th-Mar-2006 03:10 pm - Pelican Zen
Not much happening today.....**heavy sigh of contentment** Ron didn't feel well most of the day. I went in search of a Laundromat and ended up having a few beers at Scully's. (Where I determine why I couldn't find the laundry I knew was there last fall. It closed two weeks ago.)

Today I did figure out that pelicans are vastly under-rated critters. Normally you see them as caricature in cartoons. (Think “Finding Nemo”.) Sort of daffy and not much on the brains department...sort of the surfer blondes of the bird world. Just the other day I was looking at someone's landscape with a carved wooden pelican with long droopy bill and hang-dog eyes and thought how kvetch....certainly not for me.

However, watching them a bit more this week I've discovered that they aren't vacant...they have a Zen like calm that is misinterpreted. Seagulls get annoying with all that flitting around...Pelicans just watch.

A flock of pelicans flying just overhead can be very inspiring....they know where they are going...or at least act like it. With most birds I get the impression that they don't even realize they are headed anywhere!

When we return home I may just have to find a pelican for the frount yard…a realistic looking one, no elongated features or silly grins. I don't want to be flashy like a flamingo, silly as a gnome, insipid as those angels. I want to have the Zen-like calm and the knowledge of where I am going.
29th-Mar-2006 06:01 pm - 7 Dolphin Seas - Topsail Island, NC
We've walked the beach, we've shopped, we've done lots of nothing, which is certainly good for the soul from time to time.

Ron's gone somewhere on the Atlantic probably not caring if he doesn't catch a darn thing and Rock and I have repaired to the deck to listen to a some JB on the iPod speakers (which as far as I am concerned is the best accessory ever invented for them) and read a murder mystery.

Half way through my rum and diet, I spot some 'shapes' out in the water. My first thought is that I am not going to say anything, as just the other day I stood for 20 minutes trying to figure out what something out there was, only to be told it was a pelican, which we have by the flock.

But this was different, FINS....humm....no, Parrotheads of Topsail have not invaded....doubt sharks would be that close in cool water (though I could be wrong)....had to just be silly birds.

Another few sips of my cocktail....those aren't any birds. One shape does a slight jump...just enough to expose some body....Dolphins!! Rock had taken Zabs down to the beach to play with boxer pup that was being walked by...and spots them about the same time. Everyone from the beachhouses were out on their decks watching the pod. I counted seven, while Rock insists there were nine. (Not sure I trust her though....to say she is often exuberant is one of the great understatements uttered since her birth.) Later, when Ron called after getting back from the Gulf Stream, the number was up to 10 or 11....which just proves my point. I will stick with the idea it was 7.

I've heard that there were dolphins in these waters, but hadn't seen any...and here, right off my deck, were a pod not more then 20 feet off the shore. It was also nice to see that something so simple got the attention of so many others.

The pod continued to swim parallel to the shoreline, chasing their dinner no doubt. People wandered back to their homes, continued on their walks, through back out their fishing lines and Rocky, Zabs and I came back on the deck to listen to some more music (Warren Zevon's playing right now) and continue our day of doing nothing as the sun sets over the intercoastal that runs on the other side of the island.
I will expand on this entry later. It's late, I am tired, and on my third Red Stripe.

We drove up to Atlantic Beach to check out where the charter Ron is going on....discovered that I can cross Atlantic Beach off my list of vacation spots. Too built up...ugly condos...no charecter. Further down Emerald Isle has a sort of faded grace....still...not anything like Topsail.

We went to Scully's for dinner....bar was empty..but wow....what LOUD old women...lol. Rock played video games and Ron and I relaxed. We left when they started watching a new show called 'Cash Cab'. Think Jeopardy in the back of a cab. Some of the contestants were pretty smart, but I can't believe the people in the bar were so stupid. These are people with million dollar homes...they must have done something right in their lives....guess it's just another case of somethings not being fair...lol.

More later.....
The good news: I wasn't the first one up this morning.
The bad news: The upstairs neighbors are making so much noise I wasn't able to sleep in much anyway.

What is it with rude tourists? Right now someone is topping out what is commonly called 'the devils door knock' from Beethoven's Fifth. Sigh.....and no small arms available for use. I should never come to the beach so unprepared!

UPDATE: It's the owners!! Okay, I know it's their property, and yes, regular maintaince of oceanfront property is demanded....but...damn it all....I don't spend decent amounts of the ready to come to a place to relax only to live in a construction zone. Well...the reality company says it will only be for the day, and we were planning a day trip anyway....so all will survive and what's a vacation without a little bitching about something!

The weather has finally turned warmer. The wind is light and while slightly over cast....this is the sort of weather I was hoping for. It could stay this way all week and I'd be happy.
I've always had a bit of a love / hate relationship with the night. By my nature I feel very safe and comforted by being awake when the rest of the world is tucked in their beds.

However, the practical side of me knows that no matter how aware of my surroundings I am, there are things in the night that can't be seen....and because everyone else is sound asleep in their beds, there are fewer people to hear you scream when you cross paths with them.

Anyway....I thought I had found myself a new home online. Now I wonder. Zabs and I went for a walk. The waves crash, the world turns and maybe I don't really need a place to be 'a regular'. There is something freeing about not having ties. Gods know I've been through enough online homes in the past 10 years that either imploded, fell apart or I just left for other reasons)......it wouldn't kill me not to be part of a community for a time.

This is probably why I prefer to vacation in the off seasons. Not sure what the exact connection between those two are yet...but I'll figure out a way to put it into words eventually....
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